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The Muslim clerk, with swollen foot and a low voice, is accused of staged a coup by the Turkish government, which have asked for his extradition. In this rare interview, he denies any desire for power and denounces the political purge in Turkey
La Fiscalía denuncia al delantero y a su padre y también empresario a la justicia por evasión fiscal y falsedad ideológica, crímenes que tienen prevista una pena de hasta cinco años de prisión. Es el último lance de un partido que amenaza, fuera del campo, al más brillante astro del fútbol brasileño de la última década y expone el lado nebuloso del deporte más popular del mundo.
The Federal Public Prosecutor´s Office has accused the striker and his father, who is also his agent, of tax evasion and misrepresentation, crimes that are punishable by up to five years in prison. This is the latest move in a game that is threatening the brightest star of Brazilian football in the last decade off the field and casting light on the shady side of the world´s most popular sport
Members of the Special Operations Battalion known as the Bope tell VEJA about their concern that isolated cases of corruption could be the seeds of evil in Brazil´s best prepared police force
The son of Argentina´s president, Cristina Kirchner, is said to have been a joint accountholder in million-dollar bank accounts in the United States and Cayman islands with Argentina´s former ambassador to Venezuela
The flights that flew the Caracas-Damascus-Teheran route between 2007 and 2010 were used to transport drugs, terrorists and money.
Three former members of the leadership from the Hugo Chavez era tell VEJA that Iran sent money to Cristina Kirchner´s election campaign in exchange for nuclear secrets and impunity in the Amia case, using Venezuela as an intermediary
A party with more than R$ 300 million to burn in a campaign cannot be a party of the workers. It is unbelievable that a political group that has destroyed the value of the people´s assets to the extent the PT has is really on the side of the population
In the 2002 election, the PT candidate, Lula, lost in just one state, Alagoas. In the second election, he lost in the Southern states. Dilma Rousseff has now also lost in the Midwest. The PT´s majority of 61.2% of the valid votes in 2002 fell to 60.8% in 2006, 56.1% in 2010 and 51.6% in 2014
Having Joaquim Levy in charge of the economic team brings the prospect of a radical change in the current policy, with the expectation of a desirable control of public spending and a resumption of the battle against inflation. It also brings hope of a return to growth. However, what needs to be seen is whether President Dilma Rousseff will put up with ideas that are different from her own
For every Real stolen from Petrobras, the company has lost three because of state interventionism
The reelection of Dilma Rousseff will give the Workers Party (local acronym PT) 16 uninterrupted years in the Planalto Palace, the center of the Brazilian government. Experts point to risks in this situation, which is unparalleled in the history of Brazilian democracy, and suggest ways of protecting society from its harmful effects
The 2014 electoral race, with all its tragedy, reverses and passion, is now being seen as a milestone which resulted in a national split. However, the opposite is actually the case: voters are distancing themselves from the PT in successive elections at a steady, slow pace typical of stable countries
The president´s victory means the PT is the only party to win four straight elections to the Planalto Palace. However, her second mandate promises to be tougher than the first
There is no free lunch: without the commodities 'boom' and help from China, productivity will have to advance if Brazil is to return to growth
The UN and Barack Obama isolated the Brazilian president who alone called for “dialogue” with the cruelest group of murderers in the world
Those Brazilian voters who will become “orphans” when their candidate falters in the first round and have still not yet decided who they will vote for in the second round represent a maximum of 6% of the electorate. However, they will be the decisive factor in the closest disputed presidential election since 1989
The Workers Party is terrified at the prospect of losing power and has adopted the tactic of attacking Marina Silva at any cost. The result is a campaign that has never been seen before in Brazil
More than 2,000 young Europeans have joined jihadist groups from the Middle East. They are good pupils from good families who are now picking up guns and carrying out attacks
The global CEO of Unilever wants to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, cut world poverty, promote human rights and still make a profit with all these conquests